Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why I Will Never Work in the Philippines

yesterday, i was rejected. i tried applying for one of the top hospitals in the country and sadly, i was not accepted. they told me they were looking for nurses who have experience from tertiary hospitals in manila.

i tried to defend my ego by saying that i came from a JCI hospital like them and by the way, a specialty hospital for cardiac, vascular and nervous diseases. i mean the 51st hospital who passed the JCI standards and earlier than them. a hospital which can do at least five open heart surgeries in a day plus another five cases of coronary angiography. a hospital which is the most sophisticated in the northern africa as well as in the other arab countries. i mean, hello?

there was this painful fact that i was discriminated. he did not even give a look to my grades, board rating, seminars and other credentials. i was rejected right then and there. it was difficult for me but i know, these are normal.

i had it before that is why i went to egypt, for there, i was accepted. they trusted me with what i can do. they trusted me to what i can become as a nurse. they trusted me knowing that i will soon learn. the trusted me even if i am not from their own race and religion.

who knew you can be discriminated in your own country? the competition is there and i took notice of that but am i too ordinary for them? i don't want to be extra special here because all i need is a chance. a chance that is far more elusive than erap accepting the fact that he lost in the presidential race.

last monday, i voted for the person i thought will bring the change that this country needs. waiting for more than three hours just to vote is not easy with the extremely humid precinct. i was thinking about the circumstances affecting the filipino nurses. surplus of nurses versus the scarcity of jobs available. there may be jobs overseas but only few are qualified.

unfortunately, my bet did not win. he conceded already and is now moving on. it made me think about the plans of this elected official for us nurses.

when i graduated from college, i had a plan to work in any of these hospitals: pgh, heart center and kidney center. i might also take my masters degree and study spanish at the instituo cervantes. take nclex and after finishing my contract, go to the u.s. but not a thing happened as i wanted it to be. it was so heartbreaking not given a chance in your own country. worst, being denied of that chance just because there are some people who have the "rightful" connections to those involved in the recruitment process.

hospitals here take advantage of the surplus of nurses. not hiring just so they can have our services for free. they have also come up with a lot of tactics to further increase their income from us hopeless nurses by conducting trainings and other seminars of which will not even count should we apply to them since the padrino system is still at work.

just watch this video of an interview to a former philippine nurses association president regarding the abuse of the filipino nurse.

for the time being, i will not set my eyes for local employment and i guess this is my destiny for now. i have to move on.

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