Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Guess So

sheng and i had a chat last night. of course, the topic ranged mainly from our promising career. yeah, i know. okay, years from now maybe. she admitted that she was really feeling down and all.

how could you not feel that way when you hear your parents secretly tell your younger sister to stop first from studying since there were two of them in college? two hundred thousand is not easy to bring in. it is common here that we as nurses are seen as the hope to most families. however, that was few years ago when i was still hating group plays in our r.l.e or doing surveys for our community immersion while nam was already a star in the u.s. of a.

i strongly despised my current state but then again, my chat with her told me something. that me being jobless for less than a year now is not worse than being jobless for three years. that our finances are slowly dwindling but it could not be worse than having to ask one of my siblings to stop schooling for a while.

is this the part i should say thank you and take life as it is?

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