Saturday, May 1, 2010


the week proved to be one of the worst to date. no news yet about the decision. mom is always, well, the mom that i have known. the relatives are still in the house. rain has stopped falling and since then, the humid is killing me. i am not feeling well at all.

much as my friends would listen and motivate me, i cannot seem to find the change of heart. nothing seems to be going on my way. but, i have decided to end it all. the negativity. the hate.

but in order to do this, i need to get out of my box. i guess, i will need the fresh environment of isabela.


Mac Callister said...

yeah u need that!relax,see a movie grab a popcorn LOL!

saya naman UK ka pala punta,sana dumating na yan ahahay!

Charltoninho said...

thanks mac. nag-iisip pa ako kung tutuloy o hindi hahaha baka kung ano mangyari sakin dun.

i also wish na maayos na yung sa mom mo. minsan kasi, sobra na sa kindness ang parents natin. kaya nga ang pangit ng last week ko dahil sa mga issues na ganyan.

manilenya said...

that's a wise decision, and go get a hobby while waiting, sometimes reading book doesn't help too, so do something that will pull you from waiting.

When it come, it comes so don't sweat about it.

After the waiting, is just another sigh you know.


Charltoninho said...

thank you so much. another sigh isn't much.