Sunday, May 23, 2010


i am going to make it quick.

two days ago, i stormed out of the house to give myself a break from all the nagging worries, abusive relatives and an internal battle of trying to accept the things around me.

he was surprised. my dad. as soon as i grabbed my things, i informed him that i am leaving. he did not see it coming but there i was, already leaving the house. i really wanted this. to surprise them and somehow express my rebellion.

two days later, i still got no progress on where my career is heading. the chance of joining pau at trinidad and tobaggo is already closed while a local hiring hospital is only accepting catholic nurses. parents are still the same while the relatives are off to somewhere in manila.

i knew i will be left without options but i willingly gave a try as to have no regrets later. lein told me that maybe, just maybe, i am being led to something better. i hope so but please, hurry.

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