Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wake Up to Better Days

so i heard she cried. of course, without my absence for that would mean her defeat right? that day i decided to breathe a new air without any odor of anger, bitterness and sadness, it dawned to them that the glaring truth of something is wrong has finally escaped their blind spot.

she was torn as told by jonah. torn between her son and her brother. really. she said that according to jonah. but just to capture the moment's request of having to blurt out a dramatic line because in the end, her brother's pestering family continued to rule while i exiled myself into my version of egyptian heat in manila.

by this time you would think that she'd mellow huh? not. as soon the morning of sunday came, she gave everyone the feel that she was into something important. constantly bickering of the fact that she needed everyone's help to finally evolve into a marvelous godmother at a wedding, it was my brother and dad who became her victims of terrorizing voice. now moving into lunch time, she was at the top of her lungs mocking my dad and brother for not partaking into the wedding banquet. i mean it was their choice not to eat right? and if she really wanted them to enjoy the festivities, she could have escorted them to the reception venue. but she did not.

good thing i have friends who always pull me up when i am at my lowest point and giving me the lift to avoid the marianas trench. karnts had her birthday, graduation (from mba) and despedida celebrations last sunday at a fast-becoming famous resort in pampanga. benj was there along with jon, fe and rina (who just got home the night of saturday from saudi. isn't it obvious that she missed all the fun here?) i had fun and we had fun. we talked about great things and seriously touched the aspects of being a young professional.

now i am ready for the hunt. my allies have prepped me for whatever challenge i have to face in starting anew. the parents? well, i have no choice but to accept them for who they are. in the first place, they accepted me. but hey, still not in speaking terms with the mother. just yet. have patience please.

i know. i am that proud, sometimes bitchy plus bitter young man full of dreams but lacking in driving force. so let me sleep now so i can wake up to better days and better me.

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