Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Babangon Ako at Dudurugin Kita

there was a time when mina was the most popular girl in school. she was adored by all- boys, classmates, schoolmates and the teachers. there was nothing about her that was not favored by the people at school.

perceived to be the prettiest and charming, she was most adored and loved. classmates would fight for her but truth be told, she was manipulative. there should be no one at school to have a bag more beautiful than hers. if she was wearing those blinking boots, everyone who wants to belong to her circle of friends should also wear the same. you should be eating the foods that she eats. if you have something better, she has to have a hand of it.

i was mostly in and out of her group. at first, i started to fit in but i could not just take her standards. the people i surrounded myself later really brought out the best in me at that time. we were not popular but we were genuine to each other. we may not be the best but we worked the hardest. it was then i realized that i hated being on the spotlight. not my cup of tea.

i was in the top ten but not on the top five. i was not really noticed actually. i was always in the shadow. always in the background making mina looked better. however, social science really got my interest and i started reading more.

months later, i was included in the top five. if there was one thing mina cannot top, that was the class standings. jo was just too good to be toppled down by fame and charm. he was a pure genius and still he is up to this days. somehow, i enjoyed belonging at the top and so i stuck to it. i felt good about achieving something and being appreciated but not the type that mina longed for.

on our fifth grade, everything was doing pretty well until one day. mina did not come to school. it continued for many days. for weeks until she was gone. we were all asking ourselves why but no one can answer. what was there were rumors about having to flee the country because her father had to escape paying his debts to certain people.

the star was gone and a sort of balance was finally being achieved. everyone now stood on the same ground. life continued and it was presumed that i will take her place in the class ranking. i did and never looked back. i started studying harder and performing well. i connected more with my classmates and teachers. confidence was coming to play.

i will not deny that her absence had me emerge from my shell. well, thanks to her. after all these years, a lot of us are thinking where could she be in this world. is she still the pretty girl whom everybody adored?

last week, i got a message in one of the social networking sites. it was mina! apparently, she is still alive. she was asking me how i am and she might be going home in the philippines come june. a reunion according to her, would just be fitting for her friends and classmates before. and i was included.

before, she was always commended for her ability to use this language along with jon. now, communicating with me in english? well i can do it also mina. however, i am sorry that i may not be able to attend your reunion. i have a lot of better things to do than to attend your "coming-back" party. besides, you have your loyal friends and in reality, i was not really in your circle.

was i thrilled? thanks but no. seeing her now, in a different light, i would say thank You. God made me realize that He is fair and that there is nothing permanent in this world. even beauty, fame and riches fade. everything changes. all things in life are not meant to be achieved and enjoyed by one. that life has trade offs. that life gives us enough chances to make it big. that life will not leave you empty. that life will come back to you if you blew your chances away.

now, she has to become what i am now: a nurse!

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