Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vernal Equinox = Equal Chances

one was not enough to make me think that the universe is conspiring against me in a not-so-funny way.

first was from cassie asking for a confirmation if i am included in their batch. second came from abby this afternoon telling me to text her if i am already in the airport. last was an email from raymond telling me to enjoy the trip.

i wanted to laugh. really. but i just could not do it. the could-have-been thought is just so dramatic in my own perception that i decided that i should wallow in its silent convincing prowess. now, i am a victim.

drenched in sweat from my daily dose of cardio as the humid thought of joining in, i chose to wash off those dirt and persistent ideas of being defeated. as the vernal equinox finally occurred, i know my chances are equal as well.

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