Tuesday, March 9, 2010


"Psychosomatic illness: The mind influences the body to create or exacerbate illness."

for two straight days, i had the worst headaches to date. the pain was dull, not increasing in intensity but it had this paralyzing effect to my typical activities. onset was always in the afternoon and probably precipitated by the heat emanating from the weather.

or, it could be of the stress i am getting from waiting for responses here and there.

yeah, most likely. all the eagerness to read the text which is exhibited by my alertness for every message alert tone as illustrated by my stopping from doing something while hurrying to get a hand of my mobile phone. oh the gifts of technology teasing me about my visa application!

the emails are always checked every now and then. facebook chat always online for any sighting of kuya alex.

i'd like to think my headache is just a clear example of psychosomatic illness. now i have to think all of these shall pass...

and i shall be healed.

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