Thursday, March 11, 2010

Great Day

my day started early. the knock on the door proved to be strong enough to stop me from recuperating after a day filled with stress and anticipating.

it was our neighbor. jonah already told me about her intentions to come over at our house to have her blood pressure checked. she feels that her bp is not that good as manifested by certain symptoms.

sometimes, i feel that i am responsible for a lot of things, take for example, the wellness of our neighbor. she has no apparatus to have her bp checked and she has to check if i am available or not.

so what will happen if i am not at home and her bp is really high? i do not want to think about that. it is just plain sad and this, had made me really take my responsibility seriously. the indian mangoes of course are a bonus.

then i had breakfast. morning devotion was next as i really need guidance. today, i had to do a lot of things regarding my application for work in u.k. thankfully, i was able to accomplish them all and i am just praying hard that all will go smoothly.

our trip to the mall was pleasant. the people to where i asked for help regarding sending some documents and money were really helpful. weather is improving and i cannot say bad about it.

i thought, He is at play. always. even from the start, He is in control. there were some unforeseen events to which i credit as parts of His glorious plan for me. that was difficult but each day, i see the goodness of it.

i'd say i was able to handle the day quite pretty well. my heart was calm even to the good news to my would-be batch mate in u.k. of her visa processed already. no i did not envy her for i was truly happy for her. she deserved it.

believing always in His perfect timing, i really don't care about the time constraints. i can make it. my visa? it will come in the most perfect time.


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