Wednesday, March 3, 2010


i always pinch myself whenever the thought of me coming to a first world country hits me.

for me, it would only be the ripe time if i have the ticket and i am at the airport waiting for my departure. that's it.

in order to fight that urge to be excited and perky at the same time, i focus myself on a lot of things. like trying to get a feel of their accent because i am sure that my ears will have to be turned upside down once i step on their airport.

and so here comes the skins. it is a tv series in uk which features the life of teenagers and their different battles. my favorite is sid (the one with eyeglasses) and he is just so sincere and funny at the same time.

you can try watching this video by clicking here.

of course it features a lot of nudity and i am loving it.

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