Friday, March 12, 2010

The Mantra

i have said and posted in my facebook account: delay does not mean denial.

as the dandruff on my head would not let go of me, i am clinging to those words. with great faith and a faint smile, i humbly take into heart the profoundness of these words.

today, i called the office regarding my desire to have my documents from the nursing council to be sent to the partner agency in u.k. by doing this, i'll receive the documents in a shorter time. ms. teena told me that with this circumstance, i will not be able to join the rest of my batch mates on the 21st of this month for deployment.

take note: i am not canceled, i am just on a stand by mode. i'm cool with it.

i told her i am fine with it as my worry of not being able to make it on time is taking its toll on me and my housemates in egypt. it is my aim that all my papers are already fixed before i embark on a new journey. the dislike on unsettled matters is just too much for me so i might as well fix all things before i leave the country.

besides, i have not started packing my things. as a consolation, i will be joined by another colleague who was not able to accomplish all documents like me. fun i thought. i will not be alone in facing the u.k. immigration or else, i may piss pants in sheer anxiety.

those words have been my mantra for the whole day and even as i got the message from the visa application center that my passport and all other documents i submitted are ready for pick up. good news? this has to be seen on monday as i will yet hold the passport that will indicate if my visa has been approved or not.

delayed, i plan to arrange all matters. i am still into fasting and meditation until the documents shall be received in london and be given the decision to take the overseas nurses program.

in the mean time, more nursing books and more lessons from the british urban dictionary for me.

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