Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Patience as a Virtue

to check the calendar is not an option. so as to track again the package.

it is plain torture. an agony you want to be liberated from but just like a shadow following you around, it lingers. it never fades.

is it the sixth day? yes, i think so. just when i expected it to be there in three days, the world suddenly decided that three days is not enough. the delay that i will experience may not be significant for them and so it should be the same for me.

it will be a nice effort though. me, accepting my fate, is such an unfamiliar facet of my personality. to remain in the state of torture then is double jeopardy. after all, there are enough reasons to smile and thank God.

meeting people (online that is) who give encouragement and motivation is enough for me to stay on track. communicating with the legends of our institute would have to be a delusion that is too good to not accept. but, it is reality and having them around makes me feel so small yet more determined to be successful. even to reach a little of what they have reached already.

the dynamics for now has been good. thanks to the consciousness brought about by stern rebuking from the Bible. the mother has come to a more understandable nature. maybe not. maybe of more acceptable behavior. let's see how long it will last.

friends are always steady. checking me out and giving me pats on the back, i could only thank them enough for their valuable presence in my life. a call, a text message, a dinner over at trinoma and a an email would all combine for a powerful concoction of me getting empowered over all the things that i have to endure.

yet another day of learning how to be patient.

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