Wednesday, March 3, 2010


i just scared the hell out of my brother and i feel bad for him.

you see, he had some episodes in the past about having some drops of blood in his stool. after some questions, i found out that his stool was a bit hard hence the difficulty causing some irritation on the skin.

and it has been like these for the other two episodes. i know his lifestyle and diet. little to zero fruits and vegetables. a bit sedentary with his lifestyle.

being the nurse that i am, i focused on these things. deep inside, i know he will not fully commit to these and i just happened to know that his bloody stool will occur again.

it did. last night actually. sensing some panic for the nth time, he had to call my sister. my being no-nonsense has prevented him to contact me directly as i will lash him again with my harsh words of him reminding his inability to commit to what i have taught him to do.

sister was busy with her job so she had to pass the phone to me. i delightfully answered all of his queries to the point i am in the process of making him rethink his ways.

sa sobrang kakulitan, i just had to inject cory's death to his situation after which, i ended the call. much to his horror, he was crying a bit according to my sister as he had to call again.

somehow, i felt bad for scaring him but you see, he will really not follow everything i said to him if he does not see it as important enough to save his life. to this, i have kept myself mum every time they come home during the weekends. for i know, i will end up stupid trying to teach them my ways.

i did try to comfort him. i sent some text messages for more instructions. i just hope its magic had it on him.

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