Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Time for Miracles

i mailed them last march 11. today is march 16 and still, my documents are still in that fedex facility in cairo. yeah wtf?

sorry for being impatient but there is not a day that i am hoping that those forms were delivered already at nanay connie's house. ron is ready. kuya alex is waiting for redemption after the first forms were lost in the universe.

it makes me fearful that it might happen again. those forms who now hold the realization of my dream, being lost again in transit. not that i am really hateful of the egyptian system but damn, they are really not conscious of time.

well, what do you expect from them? working there for a year and exposed to their laziness was never enough for me to understand them. clearly, i am lost for the reason behind this event.

the questions has always remained, why is that this country is trying to hold my dreams? many times, i have felt the modern-day israelite contemplating about the exodus from that land. from the harsh working environment that had made me cold and soul-less to some extent about death and the bereaved loved ones to the mentality of eat or be eaten, that place is sure to have a place in my heart.

yet, i cannot removed those memories i had from my trip to alexandria, mt. sinai, luxor and sharm el sheikh. i have made friends with them as well. i was robbed there but i gained a lot. however, there are just some things that really won't work for me.

there is only one thing that is keeping me from my u.k. dream. now, i am praying for miracles like what moses did in egypt.

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